November 2017

November 2017

The Caucus, the newsletter published by the Moritz Program on Dispute Resolution, is designed to share ADR news with the Moritz community and beyond.  Questions regarding this publication should be directed to William Froehlich, Langdon Fellow in Dispute Resolution.


Heckman Presents Lawrence Lecture to a Packed House

On September 28, 2017 New York Peace Institute CEO Brad Heckman delivered Moritz’s Annual Lawrence Lecture on Dispute Resolution titled Mediation on the Beat: Bringing Conflict Resolution Skills to Police Departments.  Brad explored his experience training hundreds of officers in the New York Police Department in mediation and dispute resolution as part of a program designed to rebuild civilian-police relationships.  The NYPD is working to hard-wire mediation skills into police training, and develop a vibrant partnership between community mediation centers and police precincts. Brad highlighted the challenges in training law enforcement during deeply divided times and discussed which mediation tactics are most useful in peacefully deescalating conflicts between police and civilians.

Recent Grad Awarded Honorable Mention in Boskey Competition

Brian Holb (’17) earned Honorable Mention in the 2017 James B. Boskey Law Student Essay Contest on Dispute Resolution.  Brian’s award-winner paper Making the Case for Mediation in Public Sector Labor Relations was developed as part of Mortitz’s Mediation Clinic course under the supervision of Prof. Ellen Deason.  Brian’s article is available for review on the ABA’s website.  Great work Brian!

More than Fifty Compete in Lawrence Negotiation Competition

Congratulations to the more than 50 students who participated in the 2017 Lawrence Negotiation Competition.  After four nights of hard work four negotiating teams came out on top:

  1. First Place: Christopher Stevens and Anthony Thompson
  2. Second Place: Alex Karcher and Tyler Simms
  3. Third Place: Nicole Repetto and Cameron Wright
  4. Fourth Place: Sungtaek Jun and Matthew Mendoza

Great work!  Chris, Anthony, Nicole, and Cameron head to Michigan in early November to compete in this year’s regional competition.  Wish them luck!

Moritz Alums Implement Award-Winning ODR Program

August 31, 2017 the Ohio State Bar Association awarded the 2017 Judicial Administration and Legal Reform Committee Innovative Court Practices Award to the Franklin County Municipal Court Online Dispute Resolution Program.  Franklin County Small Claims Dispute Resolution Manager Alex Sanchez (’11) and Franklin County Small Claims Dispute Resolution Supervisor Veronica Cravener (’08) developed, implemented, and managed the award-winning ODR program on behalf of the court.  Congratulations Alex & Veronica!

3L Engages in Sport Arbitration during Summer Clerkship

Kim & Chang is the largest law firm in South Korea.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to clerk at Kim & Chang during the summer–and took every opportunity to network with experienced international attorneys.  On my very first day, Attorney Jin Han was seeking a few summer clerks to support his arbitration work. I did not have any knowledge regarding the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Mr. Han helped me understand the procedural rules and explained what my task would be for the summer.

Like Judges–arbitrators develop a volume of decisions which illustrate their style, decision-making process, and the factors the find critical to the disposition of a case.  Three CAS arbitrators decide every case on a panel.  To support Mr. Han, I worked as a “detective” and find patterns, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses of each arbitrator.  This meant that I would have to go back several years and read each and every ruling written by the arbitrators involved in each matter. Although I was involved with eight to ten different projects during the summer, the CAS project was one of the most challenging and interesting.  Because I was so deeply involved in the CAS project, I was able to observe how arbitration cases evolved throughout the summer.

While working on the project, I became very close with Mr. Han. While having coffee, he mentioned that he spent a year in Seattle. I have many relatives in Seattle, and frequently visit the city. We had many things in common and what started off as a summer work-relationship turned into a friendship. We met several times outside of work and we continue to stay in touch today. During my time at Kim & Chang, we always joked about how he should come visit Columbus. On Friday August 25 Mr. Han delivered a presentation here at Moritz titled Court of Arbitration for Sport and Unique Aspects of Sports Arbitration.  

My work on CAS with Mr. Han enriched my summer experience with Kim & Chang.  I’m thrilled Mr. Han was able to discuss CAS with my fellow students here at Moritz and I appreciate Mr. Han’s mentorship.

Fifty Students Trained as Truancy Mediators

On Friday September 29 and Saturday September 30, fifty Moritz students attended the Truancy Mediation Project’s mediation training session. Marya Kolman, Director of Mediation Services for the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Division of Domestic Relations and Juvenile Branch led the twelve hour training.

The Truancy Mediation Project provides basic mediation skills and truancy mediation training to an enthusiastic group of students, including 1Ls. Students mediate cases involving school officials, students, and parents with the goals of fostering clearer understanding of expectations between schools and families, helping to generate ideas that will help young people and their families believe school attendance is a high priority, and, ultimately, reduce absences in schools.