Program Events

In addition to Mortiz’s presitious Schwartz and Lawrence Lectures, the Program on Dispute Resolution has hosted a series of dynamic dispute resolution events, many in partnership with colleagues across campus and around the country.  Some of the Program’s most recent events include the following:

Schwartz Lecture on Dispute Resolution

Schwartz Lecture on Dispute Resolution

The Schwartz Lecture on Dispute Resolution was established in 1992 as a result of the generosity of the late Stanley Schwartz Jr. (a 1947 Moritz College of Law graduate) and the Schwartz family. Each lecture is published in the interdisciplinary Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, in keeping with Mr. Schwartz’s interest in the promotion of scholarly publication in the area of dispute resolution.

Professor Joseph B. (“Josh”) Stulberg’s 2021 Schwartz Lecture “Mediation and the Rule of Law: Compatible or Conflicting?” is available here.  

Previous Schwartz Lectures are available here.

Lawrence Lecture on Dispute Resolution & Negotiation Competition

Every fall, Moritz students compete in the intramural Lawrence Negotiation Competition, named for James K.L. Lawrence (’65). The winners and runners-up in this week-long competition move on to Regional and National Negotiations Competitions, which the American Bar Association conducts.

During the competition, teams of two law students working as advocates for a fictitious client negotiate against one another. They are judged on their ability to work together, establish rapport with the opposing team, and maximize the interests of their client. Every team competes in the first two rounds, after which the competition becomes single elimination.

Working with the Moot Court and Lawyering Skills Program, the Program on Dispute Resolution enriches the competitors’ experience in two ways. First, the Program hosts a speaker with a distinguished career as a negotiator. Second, the Program conducts a negotiation workshop for students who have no prior experience in negotiating to introduce them to effective negotiation skills and strategies and to prepare them for the competition.

These events, together with the competition itself, create an engaging and stimulating learning experience for all participants.  Those students pursuing the Certificate in Dispute Resolution may earn Externship hours through their participation.

Professor Alyson Carrel’s 2020 Lecture “Reimagining Negotiation for the 21st Century,” is available here.

Previously Lawnrece Lectures are available here.