Law faculty and professional staff teaching in this field have written or co-authored law school texts in dispute resolution and mediation, an award-winning legal mediation treatise, a book on mediation techniques, the first law-school text on International Dispute Resolution, and a comprehensive bibliography of dispute resolution resources.

Moritz Program on Dispute Resolution faculty

Moritz Program on Dispute Resolution faculty

They have published numerous articles on various aspects of arbitration, mediation, and negotiation and have delivered lectures and made presentations to audiences at law schools and professional meetings nationally and internationally. Faculty and professional staff teaching the dispute resolution electives include:

Sarah Rudolph Cole

Sarah Rudolph Cole

Michael E. Moritz Chair in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Phone: (614) 688-4918
Email: cole.228@osu.edu
Office: Drinko 302

Ruth Colker

Distinguished University Professor and Heck Faust Memorial Chair in Constitutional Law

Phone: (614) 292-0900
Email: colker.2@osu.edu
Office: Drinko 305

Ellen E. Deason

Joanne Wharton Murphy/Classes of 1965 and 1973 Professor in Law

Phone: (614) 688-5794
Email: deason.2@osu.edu
Office: Drinko 323

William Froehlich

Deputy Director on Dispute Resolution

Phone: (614) 688-4192
Email: froehlich.28@osu.edu
Office: Drinko 369

Katrina Lee

Clinical Professor of Law

Phone: (614) 292-3201
Email: katrinalee@osu.edu
Office: Drinko 335


John B. Quigley

President's Club Professor Emeritus of Law

Phone: (614) 292-1764
Email: quigley.2@osu.edu
Office: Drinko 337

Nancy Hardin Rogers

Nancy Hardin Rogers

Dean Emeritus; Professor Emeritus of Law;

Phone: (614) 688-3451
Email: rogers.23@osu.edu
Office: Drinko 367

Joseph B. Stulberg

Professor Emeritus of Law

Phone: (614) 292-8638
Email: stulberg.2@osu.edu
Office: Drinko 312

Charles E. Wilson

Associate Professor Emeritus of Law

Phone: (614) 292-3079
Email: wilson.49@osu.edu
Office: Drinko 374F