Moderated Colloquim with International Peaceleeper Ilene Cohn

January 17, 2019

“Ilene Cohn, Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, has worked in various roles for the UN for over 25 years. After becoming interested in international issues while a student at Moritz, Ms. Cohn’s career at the UN has focused on child rights, human rights, and humanitarian law in armed conflict settings. Her work has taken her to Mozambique, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Brazil, and Croatia, among other places. She participated in the drafting of the UN Convention on the Right’s of the Child, co-authored Child Soldiers: The Role of Children in Armed Conflict, and has also co-authored chapters on children in post-genocide Rwanda and the mental health of children in war. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions of Ilene and engage in a timely discussion of the current refugee crisis and the recent public focus on children caught in armed conflict.”~~Michelle Esparza, ‘19