“Leading within a Crisis Situation,” a simulation preparing for civil unrest, facitated by Profs. Nancy Rogers and Bill Froehlich

February 25, 2019

Professors Bill Froehlich and Nancy Rogers, aided by Moritz graduates involved in the Divided Community Project, will run a simulation used by city leaders to prepare for a situation of civil unrest. You will receive preparation for your role. Afterwards they will provide individual feedback on how you played your role as a city leader.

“Leadership and high-pressure decision making are not often challenged or put into practice until a moment of crisis or civil unrest. This simulation is designed to sharpen your decision-making skills, build your confidence as a leader, and create a greater understanding of your leadership style under high stake situations. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn from two respected and established leaders in the profession. Available seats fill quickly, please register quickly in order to secure your leadership seat at the table.”~~Rhianna Wardian, ‘20