“Knowing Yourself, Knowing Your Organization: Matching Leadership Approach to the Needs of the Moment,” facilitated by Prof. Peter Shane

February 1, 2019

Professor Peter Shane, a former law dean, discusses the ways in which different leadership styles may align with different organizational needs, depending on both shortterm challenges and long-term objectives. He will also discuss what leaders should know about themselves and their organizations in order to function effectively. Part of the group discussion will invite students to propose alternative leadership approaches in the context of particularly difficult organizational challenges.

“Professor Shane is internationally recognized for his work scholarly articles, as well as his contributions to the New York Times, and many other media outlets. Shane specializes in separation of powers law and has co-authored leading casebooks. He has served on the faculty at the University of Iowa College of Law and was dean at the University of Pittsburgh School of
Law. In addition to his extensive experience in teaching law, Professor Shane has received a National Science Foundation grant for interdisciplinary study related to cyberspace and democracy. At Moritz College of Law, he provides strong leadership in interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching. Shane will share many insights about leadership, and matching leadership styles with a particular organization. His workshop will be extremely valuable to all future lawyer-leaders.”~~Haleigh Hopkins, ‘19