“Difficult Conversations for Leaders,” a workshop facilitated by Prof. Josh Stulberg

February 2, 2018 | 3/26/18 1:00 pm - 3/26/18 4:00 pm

“Law students — poised to have leadership positions in the future — should learn just what it takes to become a good leader. Not only does this include capturing the respect of your employees and setting a positive example, but it also includes learning how to have those difficult conversations that often make or break someone’s leadership potential. Who better to learn this from than the Michael E. Moritz Chair in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Joseph B. Stulberg. Having been involved in the field as a teacher, a practitioner, and a scholar for over 40 years, Joseph Stulberg presents a comprehensive knowledge base and vast skill set — one that each and every student at Moritz should be eager to learn from.”~~Jen Hengst, ’18, PLL Advisory Board member

The workshop will be held in Drinko 349, and is limited to 24 students.