Conversation with Judge Guy Reece, Judge of the Frankilin County Municipal Court of Common Pleas

October 10, 2018

“Judge Guy Reece has served as presiding judge of the Franklin County Municipal Court of Common Pleas. Since Judge Reece’s appointment in 2003 and subsequent election to the court in 2004, he has been a model example of judicial leadership. He not only served as president of the Ohio Common Pleas Judges Association, but also as the Chair of the National Conference of State Trial Judges. His judicial peers honored him for his service to the community and courts. Judge Reece is also a retired U.S. Army Colonel and in his free time, leads the Boy Scouts in Ohio and northern Kentucky. His judicial experience and leadership, peer-recognition, and commitment to his community is why this conversation is invaluable to any law student who wants to develop into an impactful leader.”~~Joe Jakubowski, ‘20