Building a Constructive Climate: “Why are There Only a Few People Who Will do Things Right?”

May 22, 2017 | 3/26/18 5:30 pm - 3/26/18 6:30 pm

The climate of an organization is a sense of “how we do things here.” Climate becomes the roadmap that extends beyond rules and written policies.  A leader can influence members of an organization to be more optimistic, ethical, innovative, communicative, respectful, careful, civil, and more.  This workshop will discuss how to set goals for the climate and some of the levers used by leaders to encourage a constructive climate.  These levers will include communication strategies, modeling, structuring work groups, reward structures, attracting members and developing them, and event strategies.

You may attend in person, Drinko 345, or log-in and attend this workshop virtually. If you attend virtually, a log-in code will be sent to you in advance of the workshop.