A Conversation with Jill Meyer, President, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

January 24, 2018 | 3/26/18 12:10 pm - 3/26/18 1:15 pm

Ms. Meyer, who currently serves as the President of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, continues to lead an inspiring career focused on both the public and private sectors. Before she came into this leadership position at the Chamber, Ms. Meyer was the Member-in-Charge for six years at Frost Brown Todd, a prominent law firm here in Ohio. Ms. Meyer played a pivotal role in leading the firm’s business development and charitable initiatives. Currently, Ms. Meyer has combined her passion to advocate on the behalf of businesses with her dedication to the community to develop a strategic plan that focuses upon economic development of the Cincinnati region. Throughout her career, Ms. Meyer has developed essential leadership skills, which she continues to utilize on a daily basis in order to serve those around her. ~~Kishala Srivastava, ’19 PLL Advisory Board member

PLL Director Nancy Rogers will facilitate this Conversation. Lunch will be served in the Barrister Club.  Seating is limited to 20 students.