The Ohio State Law Journal, the highest-ranked law review in Ohio and among the top forty law reviews in the country, is published six times annually by a management and staff comprised entirely of students at the Moritz College of Law. The Ohio State Law Journal publishes articles by professors, practitioners and students on the most salient and important legal issues facing the nation and the world. More than hosting elite scholarship, however, the Ohio State Law Journal facilitates it. In consecutive school years, for example, OSLJ hosted two U.S. Supreme Court justices as the keynote speakers at our annual Symposium: Ruth Bader Ginsburg in April 2009, and Antonin Scalia in November 2009.

Originally published more than seventy-five years ago as the “Law Journal of the Student Bar Association,” the Ohio State Law Journal is a general interest review that is intertwined with the growth of the law school itself. In the Journal’s inaugural year of 1935, the law school also welcomed its first iterations of the Student Bar Association, Moot Court and Legal Aid. Like the Journal, Moritz has since become one of the top law schools in the country. If you are an author wishing to be published in the Journal, please see our Submissions page for our rules and guidelines on sending your work.