Symposium 2020


The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution Presents

A Conversation on the Role of ADR In Resolving Issues of Gender-Based Violence  

Location: Virtual
Friday, November 13, 2020

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Previous Symposia:


“Communication in Crisis: Implementing ADR Strategies in Times of Civil Unrest.”

Date: Friday, November 9, 2018
Time: 8:30 – 1:30 (breakfast and lunch included)
Place: Barrister Club, 25 W. 11th Avenue, Columbus, OH

At the JDR 2018 Symposium, presenters analyzed the dynamics and challenges that civic and organizational stakeholders confront when disseminating messages to their constituents during an event that has triggered unrest.

What happens when law enforcement practices generate citizen backlash that is instantly shared on social media?  When university students protest a known controversial speaker who has been invited to speak at their campus?  When a disgruntled teenager enters a public high school and threatens mass shootings? Or when a Me-Too incident publicly emerges at a worksite?

In such challenging situations, multiple stakeholders must skillfully deploy dispute resolution skills and strategies to plan for or respond to developments.  Organizational leaders must design and implement communication protocols that keep persons informed.

From both a theoretical and practical stance, symposium participants examined how community leaders and members could constructively meet communication challenges amidst such apparent dissonance.

This course was approved by the Supreme Court of Ohio Commission on Continuing Legal Education for 3.00 total CLE hour(s) instruction.