Thanks to all of the wonderful authors who have submitted works to our journal this year. The stellar academic credentials and breadth of work of the authors was simply amazing. We are humbled that you have chosen to seek publication with our journal this year.


As the official law journal of the American Bar Association’s Section on Dispute Resolution and most cited journal in the field of ADR, the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution (JDR) has received and published many high quality articles from leading practitioners and scholars alike. We realize that the JDR is just one of many academic law journals that authors consider. Nevertheless, we would appreciate, though we do not require, that authors comply with the following standards:

1. Type of Manuscripts

Please send us only manuscripts that are related only to alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR includes, but is not limited to, the following examples: mediation, arbitration, med-arb, negotiation, summary judgments, and mini-trials.

2. Where to Send Manuscripts

Please submit two copies of your complete manuscript to the address below:

Articles Editors
c/o Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Moritz College of Law
55 West 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Or submit the manuscript in Word, WordPerfect, or Adobe pdf. document format to

3. Footnotes or Endnotes?

Please use footnotes instead of endnotes. As much as possible, we would request that the citation form comply with the 20th Edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, and the grammar comply with The 14th Edition of the Texas Law Review Manual on Usage and Style.

4. Format

Please double-space both the text and footnotes of your article. Please use 12-point font.

5. How Many Issues are Published Each Year?

We publish the JDR four times a year: a Symposium Issue, the First Articles Issue, the Second Articles Issue, and the Bibliography Issue. Articles submitted are considered for publication only in one of the two articles issues.

6. When and How Quickly Are Submissions Reviewed?

Although the JDR reviews articles throughout most of the year, we normally fill the year’s issues by October. Once the volume for the coming year is filled, article review commences anew the following February.

A decision regarding an article can occur at anytime between two days and three weeks. We try our best to evaluate the articles consistently, both individually and in light of other articles already accepted for publication. If an expedited review is requested, please notify our office as soon as possible by telephone (614-292-7170) or fax (614-292-3442) to ensure that we process your request in a timely manner. Please leave your name, your manuscript’s title, and the date that you need our decision.

Unfortunately, we are unable to return your manuscripts. And, as our policy, we do not discuss the reasons for our publication decisions.