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Case Summary
Allison Hose
The Henry Schein Case’s Impact on the Law Governing Arbitration Clauses

Henry Schein v. Archer and White Sales, Inc. started with a claim brought by Archer and White, a dental distribution company, against Henry Schein, a healthcare products distributor, for violations of federal and state antitrust law. But it quickly became a case centered on a prominent contract issue...



Case Summary
Patrick Walsh
Summary of Arnaud v. Doctors Associates, Inc., 821 F. A’ppx. 54 (2d Cir. 2020)

In an opinion of September 2020, the Second Circuit quashed a motion to compel arbitration based an agreement found on Subway’s website’s terms and conditions page, providing further guidance of when these types of agreements are enforceable contracts. This case represents the most recent attempt by a court to address when a...

Student Note
Ben Hachten
Process is Due: Why Universities Should Outsource Student-on-Student Sexual Misconduct Adjudication Under Title IX to Third-Party Arbitration Providers

This is Betsy DeVos, just after she was confirmed as the eleventh U.S. Secretary of Education, in a September 2017 speech at George Mason University describing the current system of student-on-student sexual misconduct adjudication under Title IX. The excerpt conveys an...

Student Note
Drew Hamilton
Moving Toward Clarity: The Use of Ombudsmen in the Immigration Context

Since the 2016 presidential election, one topic has permeated much of this nation’s political discourse—immigration. In fact, the conflicting views of immigration were strong enough to cause a federal government shutdown that lasted thirty-five days. Although much...