Amici Briefs

OSJCL is currently accepting articles for the Spring 2021 edition of Amici Briefs!

The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law is excited to announce the return of its online supplement, Amici Briefs. Amici Briefs is the Journal’s online supplement to the biannual print edition. Amici Briefs features shorter-length articles on a range of issues related to criminal law, with the topic chosen by the author. OSJCL is currently seeking articles for the Spring edition of Amici Briefs, and we welcome submissions from practitioners, professors, and law students alike. Articles can be written on any topic related to criminal law and should be roughly 15 pages or less.

The deadline for submitting an article for the Spring 2021 edition of Amici Briefs is Friday, April 2, 2021.

To submit an article for Amici Briefs, or if you have questions or would like more information, please email us


Past Amici Briefs

The Trend of Tawdry Tales: Public Corruption Prosecutions in the Wake of McDonnell

by: Douglas Squires & Thomas Rovito (2017)

Bribery and Campaign Finance: McDonnell’s Double-Edged Sword

by: Daniel P. Tokaji (2017)

Criminal Prosecutions for Environmental, Safety and Health Violations: An Eventful Year Reviewed

by: Rees Alexander (2017)

The Ethics of Collective Action in “Zero Tolerance Prosecutions”

by: Marisol Orihuela (2019)