Membership to the OSBLJ offers students an excellent opportunity to develop research, writing, and editing skills and to publish their own student scholarly works.

Each year OSBLJ invites qualified and motivated first and second year students to join the staff of OSBLJ through the Journal’s annual writing competition. The invitation to join OSBLJ is based on the quality of the student’s application materials, primarily the strength of the writing submission. To apply to OSBLJ, a student must attend the annual writing competition meeting held each Spring and submit the following application materials:

  • Application to the OSBLJ
  • Writing Submission (not to exceed 10 pages)
  • Editing Assignment
  • Statement of Interest
  • Resume

Applicants should refer to the Official Rules for particular guidelines. The writing competition is governed by the Honor Code.

There are no particular GPA or grade requirements for membership to OSBLJ. However, all first-year students who receive a final grade of “A” in Contracts will automatically receive an offer of membership to OSBLJ, so long as they submit a grade release form and contact information.

Invitations to join OSBLJ will be sent directly to candidates during the month of July. Orientation for new members is held prior to the start of the law school year.

Any questions regarding the writing competition may be directed to OSBLJ.