Volume 10, Issue 2



Why do Dual-Class Firms Have Staggered Boards?

by Mira Ganor

Conventional wisdom regards the combination of a staggered board with a dual-class capital structure as superfluous. However, the incidence of this combination in U.S. firms, identified in this Paper, is not trivial. This Paper considers a few possible motivations for this practice and reports the results of empirical studies conducted on dual-class firms with staggered boards...


Flag on the Play: The Impact of United States Antitrust Laws on the NCAA

by Frost, Angela

Over the past decade, the financial coffers of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), affiliated universities, and sports media conglomerates have grown considerably while the student-athlete has not been able to cash-in on this lucrative enterprise. During the 2014 fiscal year, the NCAA reported revenue of almost $1 billion. ESPN/ABC, CBS, and Turner Sports...


Don't Bet on It? Economic and Legal Implications of Legalized Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Sports in the United States

by Gregory, Scott J

Throughout the history of human civilization, wherever there has been spectator sports, there has almost always been betting and wagering taking place around it, either in the open or in shadows.' Going back to ancient Roman times, it's easy to picture oneself amongst thousands in the stands of the Colosseum, watching small bets being placed by citizens all around you as the event of the day unfolds below. Dating clear back to these times, sports betting and gambling...


The Impact of Calorie Disclosure Regulations on the Consumer and Business Sector

by Kindel, Sheri

America's health is a concern for many, yet despite the statistics presented every year on the rise in childhood obesity and health related mortalities, we continue to eat at fast food chains and restaurants where portion control and calorie counting go out the window. For those who are concerned about health and still want to enjoy a meal out, one might think
that foregoing a hamburger in favor of a salad would be a healthy meal option, but in reality this is not...


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