Master in the Study of Law

Learn the Law, Elevate your Career

What is an MSL?

Our Master in the Study of Law degree will give you insights into the law and the legal system. Perfect for anyone whose profession or job touches the law, the MSL equips you with knowledge and skills that will advance your career. Whether you have always been interested in the law—or you interface with regulation or legal issues on a consistent basis—this degree may be right for you.

How can the MSL degree help my career?

Graduates of our MSL program return to the workplace with a greater understanding of the U.S. legal system. From banking to education, from health care to human resources—and everything in between—the law touches every aspect of society. Earning an MSL will help you speak the language of the law, understand contemporary legal issues, and see the law’s real-world implications. Our curriculum is thoughtful and practical, and taught by top faculty at the nationally ranked Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University.

Is the degree flexible?

Yes. Our MSL program is designed specifically to allow you to tailor it to fit your needs. You can complete your degree online, in-person, or through a mix of both. You can study at a pace that matches your busy schedule. Full-time students can complete the program in roughly nine months. Part-time students have the flexibility to complete their degree over two years or more.

What are the admissions requirement?

Students need an undergraduate degree to enroll. However, no standardized test score (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.) is required to apply. Our MSL program is designed specifically to help working professionals leverage knowledge and understanding of the law so they can be more effective in their careers.

How do I apply?

You can apply today. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact MSL program administrators at We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Nikia Reveal

Vice President, Brand Manager, Huntington National Bank

“Lawyers think in a completely different way. The program gave me a new perspective on my day-today work. I loved the program. It was worth the time commitment, even for a busy professional and mom.”

Todd A. Starker

Clinical Professor of Law

“Virtually every job and industry—from the private, nonprofit, or government sectors—are impacted by regulation, legislation, and litigation. The Master in the Study of Law (MSL) program at Moritz provides an exceptional opportunity for professionals seeking a greater understanding of the law without becoming an attorney. The online MSL program will equip professionals with the tools to meet the demands of navigating risk, compliance, and the rapidly changing legal environment.”

Colleen Settineri

Assistant Clinical Professor

“The Master in the Study of Law (MSL) program provides students a strong foundation in law that they can put to use in any industry or career that intersects with legal matters such as contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, employment matters, and litigation (avoidance and defense). Students will gain knowledge and acquire skills that will enable them to anticipate and understand potential legal issues, and to be an informed partner to legal counsel. In that way, the MSL program gives students a strategic mindset that will help advance a student’s career.”

Sandra Rich

Chief Compliance Officer, Nationwide

“Understanding the legal and regulatory process enables compliance professionals to be more effective in their roles. A Master of Legal Studies degree is a terrific opportunity for obtaining this valuable skill set.”