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Meet Sophie Yano, Editor-In-Chief of the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution

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Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Legal Interests: Litigation

Education: Bachelor’s, Political Science and Government (Loyola University – Chicago),

Being from Denver and then attending Loyola, how did Ohio State Law become your next destination?

I was looking at dual-degree programs – I am currently in the dual-degree program with the John Glenn College of Public Affairs now – and I really liked Ohio State’s policy on dual degrees. They made it really approachable, so I ended up only applying to law schools that had good dual-degree programs. I also have some family on this side of the country, so it made it a good fit.

Being a political science major at Loyola, is it safe to say law school was always on your radar?

No. I went to Loyola as a math education major. I was planning on being a high school math teacher for a long time. I took a lot of math classes and then got to theoretical math and realized it was not for me. At that point, I had become very involved in student government, and I remember thinking, ‘I wish student government was a job.’ From there, I switched to the policy side, and I got a minor in education policy. I had a very roundabout way of getting to law school.

What are some of your individual strengths that you bring to the EIC position?

I have been told I am pretty good at motivating people. I have been in various leadership capacities in my life, and I am also participating in a leadership fellowship right now. I think my leadership style tends to be supporting and uplifting to people around me. When I was picking my team this year, that is something I really looked for. I looked for people that I could best support in their positions because I never claim to be the best at anything, but I think I am good at supporting people who are in those positions. I try to make myself as available as possible.

Do you have any specific plans for the Journal on Dispute Resolution this year?

We have a pretty big year ahead of us. We have been a bit behind the last few years, although our last administration made herculean efforts to get us back up to speed, so we are starting this year in a great place to take steps forward.

We are relaunching our website with new and updated materials. We are also launching a blog component that is going to be completely student populated. Our blog will be a monthly publication with shorter pieces on recent alternative dispute resolution (ADR) developments. With our ADR program being ranked first in the nation, we have a lot of resources and contacts in the ADR universe that are hopefully going to lead to some pretty cool pieces that will be published.

What is your personal ideal next step after graduating?

I feel like as long as I am happy with the work I am doing; I could see myself being pretty much anywhere. The world is kind of my oyster right now.

News Type Students
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