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Meet Rahul Kapoor, Editor-in-Chief of the Ohio State Technology Law Journal

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Hometown: Eatontown, New Jersey

Legal Interests: Intellectual Property, Technology Law

Education: Bachelor’s, Chemical Engineering (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Was law school always something that was on your radar?

Working as a research assistant at NJIT, I came across with a few patent applications. I was always interested in the field of law. It was a gradual process, but I would say that it was always been something that was in the back of my mind. Also, Engineering is something that I did not want to stop with either.

Originally from New Delhi and then New Jersey, what attracted you to Moritz?

First and foremost, Moritz community was very welcoming and very warm. I had been to a lot of law schools, but there was something about the interactions I had with staff and students that when I left, I knew this was going to be the place for me. Secondly, I have always had varied experiences when it comes to my educational background. I started high school in New Delhi and went to college in New Jersey, and so I wanted another new experience. I guess the Midwest was the next stop.

How has Columbus specifically shaped your law school experience?

I have met some great people along the way. I have a great friend support system here. I have friends that I can count on and that have helped me through everything from law school to personal life. That is what I take away from my time in Columbus.

What made you want to pursue the EIC position for the Tech Journal?

I see myself as a manager and a problem-solver. I will admit, I know I am not the best at blue booking, but I think that I wanted to be a part of organizing a community of people who have like-minded interests. My job as EIC, as I look at it, is not micromanaging but problem-solving and making sure the path for the rest of the staff is clear. I very much enjoy doing that.

Do you have any specific plans for the journal this year?

I want this to be a more approachable and visible entity of Moritz, rather than just a journal that’s running in the shadows. That would be my end goal for the journal. I want to also make sure the journal is more organized than it has ever been.

What are some of your individual strengths that you bring to the position?

As opposed to making every single decision, I think the staff at OSTLJ would say the same, I give liberty to the staff to make decisions because I trust them. I think creating an atmosphere where people can make individual decisions rather than being micromanaged is something I excel at.

What is your ideal next step after graduation?

In a perfect setting, I will be practicing intellectual property law at a firm somewhere in the New Jersey or New York area. I still consider New Jersey home. The New York Metropolitan area is also a really good market for intellectual property in general.

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