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Meet Addison Becker, Editor-In-Chief of the Ohio State Journal on Criminal Law

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Addison Becker

Hometown: Cortland, Ohio

Legal Interests: Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and Litigation

Education: Bachelor’s, English Language and Literature (Capital University)

What brought you to Moritz?

Other than the fact that Ohio State just has a well-regarded law school, growing up in Ohio, it was just a dream to come to Ohio State. I feel extremely lucky that I have the chance to be here. Everything I thought Ohio State would be, it has exceeded those expectations. I am just lucky to be a part of the Ohio State community.

What specifically exceeded your expectations?

Law school in general gets a bad rap for being a sometimes-toxic environment. I feel very lucky to have the community I have at Moritz. The support that I felt when I was elected to this EIC position was so great from friends, acquaintances, and people I didn’t even know that reached out to me and sent me congratulations. It just goes to show just how supportive this community really is.

With the faculty too, I think we are just so lucky to have such incredible faculty at Moritz that are supportive of the students. Everything from the professors to the deans, I really think that Moritz has a very vibrant community where students and faculty work to support each other.

Was law school always in your plans?

My dad is an attorney and growing up I never thought I would go into law. I didn’t want to copy him and do what he did. Little by little though, I became interested in things that all intersected with law. I slowly started thinking about pursuing law and with my dad being the advocate that he is, he convinced me that getting a JD would open a lot of doors for me, even if I didn’t practice law. It has been a great experience so far.

What made you want to pursue the EIC position?

I had a great experience my 2L year. The journal just provides a really great experience and is another way to build a community. You get the opportunity to refine your legal writing and editing skills but the biggest thing for me is community. I wanted to be able to provide that experience for the incoming 2Ls. I also have my background in English Literature, and I have worked on publications in high school and college. It was something I was really interested in and passionate about and I wanted to give back to the community that I really care about and continue the work and environment of the journal.

How did your interest in criminal law specifically, grow?

During undergrad, I interned at the Ohio Attorney General’s office. I did a lot of work on death penalty cases. It was fascinating work for me. It piqued my interest in criminal law and ever since, I have tried to learn about how we can bring more solutions to the table. My dad is a prosecutor, so hearing a lot of his stories got me thinking about how we can create a more just legal system.

What is your ideal next step after graduation?

I would love to clerk on the federal level. That is a dream of mine. One of the things I have become interested in at Ohio State has been federal sentencing. One of my professors helped introduce me to this side of criminal law and I would love to somehow clerk for a federal judge and look at different federal sentencing cases. After clerking, possibly working in the criminal justice sphere or doing litigation work.

News Type Students
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