Mentoring and More Program @ Moritz

Posted on July 1, 2020

One of the many support programs we have at Moritz is Mentoring And More @ Moritz, a program to bridge the theory and practice of law. In this program, you are placed in mentoring groups with up to 6 students and at least two mentors, who come from legal firms, legal services organizations, and government agencies. You will be matched in groups and with mentors based upon your interests and priorities. Groups then meet for luncheons, held at the college’s Barrister Club, throughout the year. You will continue your relationship with mentors informally, ideally building deep relationships. This program will not only enable you to make useful connections with professionals in the area, but it will also be an opportunity to meet other students at Moritz. However, it is required to apply in order to be part of the program.

The deadline to apply for Mentoring And More @ Moritz is AUGUST 3rd, and late applications will not be accepted. Please go to Application for 2020-2021 mentoring program page to apply.