Information About Textbooks & First Day Assignments

Posted on June 16, 2020

As you plan for your courses with Assistant Dean Fernández-Álvarez, you will need to think about buying books. Professors post the book(s) for their classes on the Registrar’s page, in a section called: “Book Order Fall 2020”. In addition to requiring books, many classes will have a prepared electronic package of reading materials. Not all professors have put their books on the list yet, so please continue to check often. You may order them for delivery before you leave your home country, or shop for them here on campus once you arrive. The official bookstore that the law school uses is Barnes  & Noble, located just a few minutes from the law school. Many students choose to save money by buying used books on Amazon or renting the books, this is fine but remember that it is essential to order books using the ISBN number listed! That way, you can be sure you will get the proper edition of the textbook. Please note that law books are NOT available for borrowing at the law library and you will have to buy them. It is also not possible to share books among two or more students taking the class during the same semester.

In addition, professors will post reading assignments and homework that you have to have completed already before the first day of classes. It is your responsibility to come to class fully prepared. Those assignments will be posted here, so please check often leading to the first day of classes.