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Opinio Juris - January 2010

Scroll down to learn about the Law School Survey of Student Engagement, CQ Electronic Library, the 10 Most Influential Internet Moments of the Decade, Legal History: English Year Books, and the 2009 Legal Blogs Lists.

Law School Survey of Student Engagement

Indiana University’s Center for Postsecondary Research recently released its 2009 Law School Survey of Student Engagement. The survey measures variuos aspects of the law-school experience, including how students spend their time and how well they have learned the material. This article from the Chronicle of Higher Education provides a good summary of the survey's findings.

CQ Electronic Library

The CQ Electronic Library contains a collection of reference materials on topics including American history, politics, and law. The Library includes electronic databases as well as online versions of CQ periodicals and books. The databases include the CQ Press Congress Collection, Supreme Court Collection, and Voting and Elections Collection. The Supreme Court collection permits users to search for information about specific cases, justices, voting alignments, etc. The CQ Electronic Library can be accessed on-campus or off-campus with authentication.

The 10 Most Influential Internet Moments of the Decade

The Webby Awards are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and honor excellence on the Internet. Recently, the Webby Awards published its list of the Most Influential Internet Moments of the Decade. The list includes significant events such as the launch of Wikipedia, the Google IPO, and the shutdown of Napster.

Legal History: English Year Books

Boston University law professor David Seipp has created a database (Legal History: The Year Books) that indexes all printed English Year Books and many alphabetical abridgements for the years 1268-1535. The Year Books are the law reports of medieval England. They are the principal source materials for the development of legal doctrines, concepts, and methods from this early time period. The Year Books organize the case law by regnal year (year of the English sovereign's reign) and show the development of the common law. The database has sophisticated search functions and includes language notes and commentary in English (the Year Books were written primarily in Latin and Law French).

2009 Legal Blog Lists

The ABA Journal's annual list of the 100 best web sites by lawyers, for lawyers, has been released. The list is divided into the following catagories: News, Legal Theory, Careers, Criminal Justice, Lighter Fare, Practice Specific, IMHO (in my humble opinion), Legal Tech, Business of Law, and Geo (geographic specific).

University of Cincinnati law professor Paul Caron has released his 2009 Law Prof Blog Rankings, which are based on the traffic (page views and visitors) of blogs edited by law professors. Moritz professor Doug Berman's Sentencing Law and Policy blog appears on both blog lists.