March-April 2018

Annual Faculty Research Assistant Training

On Tuesday, May 22, at noon (lunch provided) the law librarians will provide research assistant (RA) training for those students supporting faculty scholarship this summer. Please contact Stephanie Ziegler if you plan on having RAs attend the training. Also, contact your faculty liaison to let them know who your RAs are and what you’ll be working on so we’ll be better able to support your research agendas. Additionally, RAs can be authorized to check out material on behalf of faculty members. Please contact Circulation Manager Kaylie Vermillion to authorize your RAs. The room location for the training will be announced via email shortly.

Law Students Working in Other States and Borrowing Books

Often our students work in other states over the summer, and at times they need to access law libraries for research or to borrow books. This summer, we fielded inquiries from law students working in Honolulu and in our D.C. Program, and happily we were able to find lending solutions in each case. (Yes, law students are trustworthy book borrowers, and yes, law libraries are happy to lend…but you can imagine since law students working for just a summer abroad will likely return to their home states before research is complete, not every library is able to extend borrowing privileges to every visitor who asks.) If you, or a student, are working away from Moritz this summer and have questions about libraries’ lending and access policies, contact your faculty liaison and we’ll be happy to help explore the options available.

Law360 – Off-campus Access

Law360 is a legal news and analysis website published by LexisNexis. The website enables you to set up email alerts by industries, companies, federal and state government agencies, and patent and trademark cases and documents. Faculty have access on campus, but if you plan on travelling or like to keep apprised of the latest legal developments while you’re away from the office, you can now request a standalone i.d. and access by contacting Paul Gatz.

Using HeinOnline to Research Current Events

HeinOnline is an invaluable resource for historical material and unique collections, but it’s also a great resource for researching current events. A recent blog post on HeinOnline highlights search strategies and approaches in the database using gun laws and deadly shootings as the illustration. The post describes how to most effectively use HeinOnline’s catalog, two collections on HeinOnline (the Subject Compilation of State Laws and the Law Journal Library), subject searching, and a “more like this” feature (which is something like Netflix’s recommendations for new shows to watch or’s information about what other customers bought or looked at who also shopped for what you’re considering). Let us know if you’d like additional insights into search strategies and content in our online databases.

The National Archives and Keeping Track of Lost, Altered, or Destroyed Federal Public Records

Under 44 USC 3106 and 36 CFR Part 1230, federal agencies are required to “notify the [National] Archivist of any actual, impending, or threatened unlawful removal, defacing, alteration, corruption, deletion, erasure, or other destruction of records in the custody of the agency.” The National Archives’ Records Management Oversight and Reporting Program is responsible for establishing case files as it investigates allegations, including communications with a given agency until the issue is resolved. Historically, an annual report was issued detailing investigations. Now, interested parties can follow investigations on a monthly basis with a new online tool that identifies the agency under investigation, the dates a case was opened and closed, records that may be lost, the investigation status, and any case letters accompanying the investigations. Parties wishing to initiate an investigation or with questions are invited to contact

New Acquisitions at the Moritz Law Library

See the books below recently acquired by the Moritz Law Library. A complete list of materials acquired in the last month is also available.