Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be one of the nation’s great law libraries—a full partner in the Moritz College of Law’s quest to excel in teaching, legal scholarship, and service to the legal profession, the university community, and the public.


We seek to

  • Provide exceptional service in all aspects of our work;
  • Facilitate research by Moritz faculty;
  • Promote rigorous legal research, writing, and analysis skills in Moritz graduates;
  • Collect, organize, and preserve legal resources in a variety of formats thereby providing the Moritz College of Law and larger university community with materials to support their research, learning, and service; and
  • Preserve, support, promote, foster, and contribute to scholarly publications in the law.

Strategic Goal I: Support Research at Moritz

Objective 1: Support the research of Moritz faculty

Action Items

  • Maintain the current faculty liaison service to provide high-quality customized service to each Moritz faculty member.
  • Update faculty on their areas of interest either via the established current awareness service or by connecting them with automated services such as SmartCILP or Bloomberg BNA updates.
  • Monitor new tools and resources to enable faculty to promote their scholarship widely online. Communicate changes and new opportunities to faculty as appropriate. Collaborate with faculty and administration to design a process that enables faculty to select the best online scholarship promotional tools and resources to publicize their scholarship. Facilitate faculty’s work to develop individually-tailored plans to promote their scholarship online.
  • Partner with Moritz Information Technology Services (IT) to make research and writing more efficient (e.g., investigate and implement products like EndNote or RefWorks).
  • Build relationships with University Library staff so that we can connect faculty to University Library resources when appropriate.
  • Maintain high level of librarian expertise by supporting their continuing education and professional development.
  • Continue providing no-hassle, quick document delivery to the Moritz community through the document delivery service and Inter-Library Loan (ILL) with OhioLINK, the CIC and other partners.

Objective 2: Support access to and preservation of Moritz publications

Action Items

  • Continue to add faculty publications, as copyright restrictions allow, to the Moritz Community on the University’s Knowledge Bank (KB).
  • Create and maintain a physical archive of faculty publications.
  • Maintain and improve the Faculty Bibliography on the library’s webpage.
  • Work with the University Library to add all OSU law journals and other Moritz publications to the KB.
  • Investigate the feasibility of preserving other student work (e.g., award-winning papers) in the KB.

Objective 3: Ensure that Moritz students have excellent legal research skills

Action Items

  • Create course materials grounded in sound pedagogy for Legal Analysis and Writing I (LAW I) that all teaching librarians can use. Promote collaboration among librarians who teach LAW I and Advanced Legal Research to increase teaching expertise and efficiency.
  • Collaborate with IT staff, other law school departments, and area practitioners to create and hold a series of sessions for interested students and faculty on cybersecurity, legal practice technology, and productivity apps for mobile devices.
  • Create and update, as needed, legal research guides and tutorials for classes and journal projects.
  • Provide support for students doing scholarly work on journals and in seminars by creating and evaluating a Journal Liaison program and a research consultation service.
  • Continue to seek information from those who employ our graduates (e.g., collaborate with area lawyers and librarians) to ensure that we are teaching skills our graduates need.
  • Continue teaching LAW I and Advanced Legal Research courses.

Strategic Goal II: Ensure that the library’s collection serves the needs of the Moritz and university communities

Action Items

  • Update the library’s collection development policy to reflect the changing preferences and needs of the Moritz and university communities.
  • Investigate and plan for digitization of materials needed by our patrons today and in the future.
    • In collaboration with other Ohio libraries and agencies, work to preserve Ohio legal materials both in print and online;
    • Leverage rare and special collections to create a history of legal education collection;
    • Participate in the University Library’s partnership with Google Books;
    • Partner with W.S. Hein to digitize materials in the Stotter Collection, which will appear in HeinOnline; and
    • Partner with the University Library to add needed material to Hathi Trust to make digitized materials more available.
  • Continue to review print collection to minimize format and intellectual duplication.

Strategic Goal III: Optimize library service delivery to the Moritz and university communities

Objective 1: Improve the user’s experience in the library’s space

Action Items

  • Create a plan to maintain and upgrade library facilities by (1) collecting information about (i) use of particular spaces in the library at various times during the year and (ii) preferences of students, (2) creating a comprehensive list of facilities needs that is prioritized by importance and cost, and (3) making changes that will maximize the impact of limited resources.
  • Regularly gather feedback from students through periodic surveys and focus groups, frequent communication with Student Bar Association representatives, and a suggestion box. Respond to and implement specific recommendations as appropriate.
  • Collaborate with IT to update to create space for students to collaborate on projects and learn about new technology.

Objective 2: Regularly assess services to ensure that services are being provided in the most effective and efficient way

Action Items

  • Investigate and implement automation in creation and upkeep of
    • Online faculty bibliography;
    • The current awareness service;
    • The yearly citation analysis of faculty scholarship; and
    • Ongoing monitoring of citations to faculty scholarship.

Objective 3: Align the services offered by the library to the needs of Moritz faculty and staff

Action Items

  • Create and distribute a summary of library services available to faculty and staff.
  • Meet periodically with College staff and departments to discuss their work and identify resources and services that will assist with their responsibilities.
  • Continue to support the Development and Alumni staff by (1) offering research services as needed, (2) creating a research guide on College and University history, and (3) continuing to build a College archival collection.
  • Continue to support Career Services staff by (1) creating research guides and other materials as requested, (2) maintaining and adding materials to the library’s collection as requested, and (3) offering research services as needed.
  • Periodically evaluate whether the electronic resources we create are meeting our patrons’ needs through surveys and focus groups.

Objective 4: Ensure that our patrons know about the services we offer

Action Items

  • In collaboration with Communications & Media Relations staff, create a summary of library services (either in print or as a research guide) for incoming first-year students, transfer students, journal members, LL.M students, and other specialized groups as needed.
  • Evaluate current communication strategies (Discovery and Library newsletters) and investigate new opportunities when available.