January-February 2020

SmartCILP Returns

The Moritz Law Library has encouraged faculty to sign up for SmartCILP as one way to stay up to date on law publications. An electronic version of the Current Index to Legal Periodicals, SmartCILP sends weekly updates of law review titles, topics, or subject headings selected by users, including links to the relevant articles. Hein has obtained the rights to SmartCILP from the University of Washington. After a hiatus since last August, the service is set to resume Friday, February 28, 2020.

If you have already signed up, no additional steps need to be taken. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s how: set up a profile at the SmartCILP User Profile Page using the library’s authorization code and select the subjects and journals you wish to monitor. Contact a reference librarian for the authorization code or access it at this Moritz intranet page. Articles in the email update will appear like the example below:

Leslie A. Street, David R. Hansen. Who owns the law? Why we must restore public ownership of legal publishing. 26 J. Intell. Prop. L. 205-248 (2019). [H]|[L]|[W]

HeinOnline Now Integrating ORCID into Author Profiles

HeinOnline recently announced that it is enabling legal scholars to connect their ORCID ID to their HeinOnline author profiles. This is especially significant for legal scholars publishing works that cross over into other disciplines like politics, medicine, history, or other fields whose publications are not represented on HeinOnline. Through this HeinOnline-ORCID connection, the full breadth of a legal scholar’s work can be more apparent and accessible from HeinOnline’s author profile pages.

ORCID, which stands for Open Research Contributor ID, is a non-profit organization that helps authors uniquely identify themselves and their published works “across disciplines, borders, and time.” Authors can obtain an ORCID ID and list their works in a profile on the ORCID site. Authors can use their ORCID ID to uniquely identify themselves and their published works in a variety of places such as resumes, email signatures, school profile pages, SSRN profile pages, and publications in which their writings appear.

Register for an ORCID ID here: https://orcid.org/register. Adding a “trusted individual” to your account who can assist with listing published works in your profile is possible. To link your HeinOnline publications to your ORCID profile, click on the “Connect your ORCID ID” button on your HeinOnline author profile page. If you have questions or need assistance with ORCID, contact a Moritz reference librarian.

New Database: Cannabis NewsBank: Research Edition

Interested in keeping up with news and other developments in the growing cannabis and hemp industries? The Moritz Law Library recently acquired campus-wide access to Cannabis NewsBank: Research Edition, an online database covering current and historical cannabis and hemp information from over 12,000 sources. This collection delivers coverage from all 50 states, Canada, and countries across the globe, and includes many cannabis-specific publications such as High Times.

Coverage extends from 1980 to today’s news reports, and pertains to dozens of areas including banking, labor & employment, pharmaceutical impacts, data security, land use, permitting and licensing, regulatory compliance, health law, and more. Cannabis NewsBank is a standalone database in University Libraries’ Research Databases List, but the additional sources and content are also discoverable when searching within OSU’s Access World News subscription. If you have questions about how to access and use this content, please ask a Moritz reference librarian.

Legal News Service: Law Street Media

Legal publisher Fastcase recently relaunched Law Street Media, a legal news service which it acquired in 2018. Law Street Media is a free service that currently covers the technology sector, focusing on legal news relating to data privacy, government regulation, cyber-security, tech policy, and intellectual property. Law Street Media intends to add coverage for additional industries and practice areas in the coming year, with agricultural news lined up to be its next offering.

Articles on Law Street Media are enhanced by integrating features of Fastcase and Docket Alarm (another Fastcase company). These features include the addition of links to relevant judicial opinions, statutes, regulations, and docket sheets. In addition to accessing the news at Law Street Media’s website, readers can subscribe, free of charge, to a daily digest at https://lawstreetmedia.com/subscribe-lsm/.

New Acquisitions at the Moritz Law Library

Below are just a few of the books acquired by the Moritz Law Library last month. A complete list of materials acquired in the last month is available here.