April-May 2015

Scroll down to read about managing your law review footnotes with Zotero, new Bloomberg BNA features, inexpensive statutory and rule supplements for your courses from CALI, a new Making of Modern Law collection, an updated print cancellations list, new books at the library, and a tech tip on using the survey software, Qualtrics.

Managing Your Footnotes: Zotero and The Bluebook

For better or worse, many law review editors believe “[t]he higher the number of notes, the greater the ‘measure of [an article’s] erudition.’” Joan Ames Magat, Bottom Heavy: Legal Footnotes, 60 J. Legal Educ. 65 (2010). Adding and managing footnotes may be a simple process for you, and you may love The Bluebook. If you are not in that camp, consider installing and using MLZ (“MultiLingual Zotero”), which will automatically generate Bluebook-style citations for you (with a slight margin of error). MLZ allows you to enter a citation into a database once, then auto-add it as needed to any article or book you are working on. For more information on how a law scholar uses MLZ, check out the blog post “Reference Management Software – If you’re not using it, you probably should be.”If you’d like to try MLZ, contact Jeremiah Moebs (moebs.2) for assistance with installation. Ingrid Mattson (mattson.30) is also available to help you make the most of this resource.

Bloomberg BNA Features

You are likely familiar with the well-known Bloomberg BNA Law Reports, which you may receive in your email inbox. Bloomberg BNA offers many other tools that could be useful in researching and in teaching. We would like to highlight a few:

  • Privacy & Data Security Law Resource Center: This resource center addresses privacy and data issues in a wide range of areas, from employment to health to online and consumer privacy. You can find new legal analysis materials, such as a portfolio entitled Cybersecurity and Data Breach. Practice tools include a glossary of terms, state and international chart builders, checklists and forms.
  • eDiscovery Resource Center: This resource center includes these categories: preservation, search and retrieval, production, costs, privilege, and sanctions. Each category offers case law, related ethics opinions, federal and state rules of civil procedure and evidence, legal analysis, and practice tools.
  • Transactional Diagrams:  Bloomberg BNA now offers a collection of visual aids demonstrating transactions presented in IRS guidance, regulation examples, and other Bloomberg BNA products. This collection is only available on Bloomberg BNA and not on Bloomberg Law. See this example.


Inexpensive statutory and rule supplements for your courses

As you are contemplating your textbook choices for next year, remember that CALI updates its statutory and rule supplements each summer. Students can use them in electronic form for free (they are available in multiple formats) or order print versions for a minimal cost. They are much, much cheaper than the West, Lexis or Aspen versions. The CALI version may not serve your needs because the rules or statutes are not edited in any way and may not contain extra material added by the editors. A list of the ebooks is available. Also see the print bookstore. Moritz is a member of the CALI consortium, so if you have feedback or suggestions, don’t hesitate to speak up.

Making of Modern Law: Foreign Primary Sources

The Moritz Law Library has added a new segment to Gale’s Making of Modern Law collection: Foreign Primary Sources II, covering 1600-1970. This new addition is an excellent resource for older foreign session law and superseded foreign codes and regulations. This segment complements the other Making of Modern Law collections provided by the library including Anglo-American Legal Treatises (1800-1926), Primary Sources I and II (1620-1970, including many state and municipal codes as well as constitutional convention materials), Trials (1600-1926, featuring official trial documents and accounts of notable trials), and a Foreign, Comparative, and International Law treatise collection (1600-1926). Like other Making of Modern Law collections, this new collection consists of PDF documents digitized from the print collections of leading law libraries around the country. The new Foreign Primary Sources component is available on-campus or off-campus with OSU authentication.

Updated Print Cancellations List

In order to realize needed savings, the Library recently cancelled a number of print publications, most of which remain available online through WestlawNext, Lexis Advance, HeinOnline, or other Library databases. An updated list of these cancellations is now available. Search the online catalog for individual titles or contact the Reference Desk for assistance. Contact Sara Sampson with any questions or concerns about the library’s print cancellations.

New Books at the Moritz Law Library

See what’s currently available on the Moritz Law Library’s New Book Shelf including the titles below. A complete list of new materials acquired in the last month is also available.

Tech Tip: Qualtrics

Qualtrics, the world’s leading insight technology provider is now available to you as an OSU employee. You may be familiar with Survey Monkey and have used it in the past. Qualtrics is much more robust than Survey Monkey. Qualtrics is also easy to learn and has a lot of customizable features. To access your OSU Qualtrics account, go to http://osu.qualtrics.com. Once you have logged in you can find the “Create Survey” links in the top-left. Qualtrics will walk you through the rest of the process. Additionally, you can access the “Help and Tutorials” in the top-right corner of the screen for access to Qualtrics.com‘s Support and Training page. Qualtrics is currently not available for student use.