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Opinio Juris        2014 / October/November

Scroll down for information on Environment and Energy Publishing (E&E), SmartCILP email alerts, the library’s recent print cancellations, new books in the Moritz Law Library collection, the latest on LexisAdvance, and a Tech Corner tip on receiving OSU system status updates.

Environmental and Energy Law Resource Now Available

Interested in the latest news on U.S. or international environmental policy? Energy policy and markets? The Moritz Law Library recently added Environment and Energy Publishing (E&E) to its collection of online resources. E&E is a leading source for daily news coverage of national and global issues related to environmental and energy law. Publications available within E&E include ClimateWire, EnergyWire, and Greenwire. Receiving email alerts of new articles is possible. E&E is accessible on-campus or off-campus after entering an OSU username and password.


Receive SmartCILP email updates

If you enjoy updates from the Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP), you may wish to receive a SmartCILP update, an individualized e-mail that focuses on the subjects and publications you most want to see. When you create a SmartCILP profile, you can set preferences for subject headings and journal titles, and an e-mail update will be sent to you each week. For a journal title you select, the email update will show a view of the journal’s Table of Contents. Articles listed include links to Westlaw, Lexis, and HeinOnline. Set up a profile at the SmartCILP User Profile Page using the Library’s authorization code. Articles in the email update will appear like the example below:

  • Schwartz, Paul M. and Daniel J. Solove. Reconciling personal information in the United States and European Union. 102 Cal. L. Rev. 877-916 (2014). [H][L][LA]|[W][WN]

Print Cancellations

In order to realize needed savings this year, the Library recently cancelled a number of print publications, most of which remain available online through WestlawNext, Lexis Advance, HeinOnline, or other Library databases. A list of these cancellations is now available. Search the online catalog for individual titles or contact the Reference Desk for assistance. Contact Sara Sampson with any questions or concerns about the library’s print cancellations.

New Books at the Moritz Law Library

See what’s currently available on the Moritz Law Library’s New Book Shelf including the titles below. A complete list of new materials acquired in the last month is also available.


The Latest on Lexis Advance

If you haven’t logged on to Lexis Advance since August, you’ll find a more streamlined interface the next time you do. Here are a few of the changes:

  • The prior version opened a new tab for each document or search – that feature has been removed in favor of a simpler design.
  • The rotating wheel has been replaced by stable boxes for search history, favorites, alerts, news, and more.
  • The new interface makes it easier to filter in advance with a drop down menu.
  • As you start to type in a search query, automatic suggestions will surface, including source titles as well as common legal phrases.

In terms of content, the Lexis Advance enhancements include additions to the administrative code archives and the constitutional archives.

Lexis offers this before and after chart, presenting a visual comparison.

Tech Corner: OSU System Status Updates

If your work depends on an OSU system, you might want to sign up for a custom system status update. Once you sign up, you will get an email or text notification that a particular system is slow or down and then again when it is restored. Eligible systems include HR and finance systems as well as email and listserv functions. To view a full list of systems and to sign up for updates visit https://osuitsm.service-now.com/selfservice/system_status.

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