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Fall Semester:  Late August or early September to mid-December (Exams end in late December, before the holidays)

Orientation for International Students: 1 week before classes start

Spring Semester: Early February to late May (Exams end in mid-June)

Orientation for International Students: 1 week before classes start


Leiden University was founded in 1575 and is one of Europe’s leading international research universities, with a world-renowned reputation in comparative and international law subjects. In the first decades of its existence, the university was host to many international students, from Europe and beyond. Since those early days, it has developed into a truly international university, annually hosting more than 3000 international and exchange students each year in its Bachelor and Master programmes, almost 1000 international PhD students and more than 800 international academic staff. The school’s close proximity to The Hague and War Crimes Tribunal allows students to observe proceedings at some of the world’s most venerable international legal institutions. Leiden also serves as a center for international studies and is one of the most attractive destinations for European ERASMUS students.  The city of Leiden’s rich historical tradition and active international student population also make it an ideal setting to study international topics. The University has over 6,700 staff members and 29,520 students. The motto of the University is 'Praesidium Libertatis' – Bastion of Freedom. Read more about the university on their website.


1L, 2L and 3L students are eligible to apply. Students must be in good standing at the Moritz College of Law. Those students with an interest in international and comparative law will receive preference, but all students are encouraged to apply. Courses are taught in English.


Program Costs (see details below):

Program Fee: Regular Semester tuition paid to Moritz College of Law
Office of International Affairs Study Abroad program Fee: $150
Housing/Room and Board: Approximately $400-775 per month depending on housing choice
International Travel: Approximately $1000
Passport (if needed): Approximately $150
Visa/residence permit fee: Approximately $200
Supplemental Health Insurance: Approximately $40/month
Financial Aid: Eligible for Vogel International Fellowship and federal financial aid may apply.

Students should also budget additional amounts for miscellaneous expenses, including food, excursions, personal care items, and other living expenses. Please see this estimate of expenses for a student in Leiden and The Hague provided by Leiden University.

Like many universities in the Netherlands, Leiden University does not have a central campus or student dormitories. Instead, faculties are spread throughout the cities of Leiden and The Hague and students live in accommodation rented via housing organizations and landlords. In general, students are expected to arrange their own housing.

However, for international students, Leiden University Housing Office reserves a limited number of rooms each year for early applicants. The number of housing applications always greatly exceeds the number of reserved rooms. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that prospective students explore alternative ways of finding accommodation well before arriving in the Netherlands to begin their studies. In Leiden's online application system you will be asked to indicate whether your require assistance in finding accommodation. There is no need to await the outcome of your application for admission. You are welcome and encouraged to begin working on your housing application right away.

If you would like to apply for university-managed housing you need to take the following steps:

  1. A fee of 350 euros should reach the Admissions Office no later than June 1 for the Fall Semester or no later than November 15 for the Spring Semester
  2. Complete the application form 

It is strongly advised that students planning to study at Leiden University apply for housing no later than mid-February for fall housing and no later than September for spring housing. Typically, there is more housing available during the spring semester.

Students may also elect to secure their own housing. Please see website for more information about various housing options. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding housing, please contact the housing department at

The Netherlands requires U.S. citizens to carry a valid U.S. passport when traveling to the Netherlands for any purpose. Those without EU citizenship, who are citizens of the United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, or South Korea will need to apply for a residence permit for the Netherlands. All other nationalities will require a visa. Once a student has been admitted to Leiden University, the International Relations Office will work with the student to apply on their behalf. The deadline for submitting your visa and/or residence permit application to Leiden University is:

• 1 June: programs starting in September

• 1 December: programs starting in February

Upon receipt, the university will check all documents are in order then forward your application to the Dutch immigration department (IND). You will then have to wait approximately 2 to 4 weeks for the IND to approve your request. If you require a visa, allow an additional 2 weeks for arranging your visa appointment at the consulate. Please consult Leiden University’s Visa/Residence Permit Application Instructions document for further instructions.


As an international student in the Netherlands, you will need to show that you have health insurance that meets the minimum insurance coverage under European Union Law. You are obliged to have sufficient health insurance coverage during your entire stay. This includes proof that your insurance is unlimited and that your plan includes the following benefits: medical and drug treatment, prescription drugs and materials, hospital in-patient treatment, rehabilitation treatment, repatriation in the event of an emergency, and pregnancy and childbirth. Please contact your insurance customer service and request a “Certificate of Coverage,” which must be signed by someone from the insurance company.  Please take a hard copy of this “Certificate of Coverage,” along with a print-out of your “Coverage and Benefits Summary,” and your Insurance Identification Card when you travel to the Netherlands. If you have OSU student health insurance, please call Health Smart Benefits at 1-844-206-0374 to request a “Certificate of Coverage” and print your “Coverage and Benefits Summary” from here. Please note that the Leiden University Office of International Relations may request insurance documents during the residence permit/visa application process, so it is recommended to have these documents ready as soon as possible.


While participating in an Ohio State study abroad program, students are required to maintain their primary insurance coverage. Students are also required to apply for and purchase supplemental insurance through GeoBlue for the duration of the program. Once accepted to the program, you will be sent a link to complete the supplemental health insurance application.


Leiden University Law School offers a wide-range of courses taught in English. Please see course offerings and descriptions for Exchange/Study Abroad students. To look at courses offered in the fall, make sure to click on the boxes under "Semester 1" or for spring courses, click on "Semester 2" under "Period." Please note that spring course/exam schedules are typically available in November. You will be automatically registered into the courses you apply for upon your admission (when admitted to). Courses may be changed before the start of the classes if you encounter scheduling clashes or other insurmountable problems (subject to availability). Language courses are not available as regular exchange program courses. The University’s Academic Language Centre offers Dutch language courses for a fee, and the International Student Network offers short courses as well. However, international students can register for the free online Dutch language course Dutch & More, which has been developed for international students. Once they have completed the SPOC successfully, they can register for the Dutch 1B course at Leiden's Academic Language Centre for just 75 euros. Students will work with the Office of International and Graduate Affairs and Leiden’s Student Educational Affairs Office to determine a course schedule that meets both ABA study abroad requirements and Moritz College of Law requirements to ensure the transfer of credit hours and maintain progress towards graduation. Please also see the LEI Info Sheet for 2022-2023 for other helpful information. The OSU Moritz Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Registrar would be consulted for determinations about the applicability credits for exchange students under their auspice.



Applying to study abroad is a three-step process:

Step 1: Internal Application within the Moritz College of Law

Please complete the online application and upload the required materials:

  1. “Statement of Educational Objectives” (250 words) explaining your interest in the exchange opportunity and what you hope to accomplish and gain by studying abroad
  2. Official copy of law academic transcript (undergraduate transcript not necessary)

Step 2: Once pre-approved by Moritz, complete the Office of International Affairs study abroad application ($150 program fee) and related paperwork (orientation, risk management, supplemental health insurance)

Step 3: Complete university partner application and submit required materials

After being “pre-approved” or “nominated” for the program by the Moritz Assistant Dean of International and Graduate Affairs, students will then need to begin the application process with Leiden University Law School.

You can do this through an electronic application form, to be submitted before April 1 (for students starting in fall) and October 15 (for those starting in spring).

Required documents

  • a nomination form (can be downloaded through the online application system)
  • Certified copies of your transcript(s)
  • a copy of your home university ID
  • English language test result (IELTS score 6.5 or higher or TOEFL score 90 internet-based or higher) (NB not applicable for students who completed their secondary education in Australia, Canada (except Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, the UK or the USA or students who have a have an International Baccalaureate diploma)
  • a motivation letter
  • For Chinese students: Nuffic certificate (This is an obligatory document for the study visa for Chinese students. Students are advised to apply for this certificate at the same time as applying for admission to the university.)
  • a copy of your passport/ID
  • a completed visa application (not required for your application in the beginning but necessary for you to study in the Netherlands, more information on this will follow later from our admissions office).


Applications are due by March 1 for studying abroad in the next calendar year, but early applications are encouraged. If applying as a 1L, note that no decision will be made until first semester grades are posted.

The internal review process at Moritz takes approximately 2-4 weeks. Admitted students work with Assistant Dean of International and Graduate Affairs on academic proposal to the Academic Affairs committee to have all credits pre-approved before departure.


All Ohio State students participating in any OSU sponsored study abroad program must attend a pre-departure orientation organized by the Office of International Affairs. Possible dates for this orientation will be shared with students once they are accepted to the program.


On a number of days prior to the orientation weeks, Leiden University offers a free ‘Warm Welcome Service’ to assist international students with post-arrival practicalities. This service offers a great opportunity to attend all necessary appointments before the start of orientation.

What is provided?

  • Welcome desk at Amsterdam Schiphol airport
  • Assistance with rail travel to Leiden
  • Welcome service at Leiden Central train stations
  • Assistance with finding the way to the Leiden University student accommodation
  • Information lounges at locations in Leiden offering help and advice on a range of practical matters, such as bank accounts, housing, student cards, insurance policies, GP/Doctor registration

For the upcoming Warm Welcome dates please refer to this website.

Additionally, students are required to attend Leiden’s orientation program that takes place one week before the semester begins.

Orientation Week Leiden – OWL is the orientation program to help new international students settle in and find their way around Leiden and the university. This program costs approximately $95 for fall students and $55 for spring students.

The American Bar Association has criteria that must be met in order for study abroad programs established by ABAApproved Law Schools to be approved. These criteria are listed on the the ABA Criteria for Approval of Foreign Semester and Year-Long Study Abroad Programs and the Criteria for Foreign Summer and Intersession Programs. The Assistant Dean of International and Graduate Affairs will work with students to ensure that these criteria are met. For further information, please contact the Office of International and Graduate Affairs using the contact information below.

Moritz College of Law Contact Information

Tra Pham, Assistant Dean
Office of International & Graduate Affairs
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
55 W 12th Avenue, 361 Drinko Hall
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone: +1-614-247-1652/


Leiden University Exchange Contact Information

Ms Patricia Garcia Fernandez
Exchange Coordinator
Office for International Education (BIO)
Leiden University | Leiden Law School |
Steenschuur 25 | 2311 ES Leiden | The Netherlands |