Entrepreneurs and Executives Series

This initiative, launched in 2015, brings successful business people, many of whom are also lawyers, to the Moritz College of Law to discuss their businesses and non-legal careers in business, including roles such as CEOs, COOs, venture capitalists, business developers, etc. Speakers offer insight into topics such as starting a business, risk and business development, executive decision-making, and transitioning from attorney to business person. Students learn from professionals in the field about developing essential skills like leadership, management ability, and team-building, and hear first-hand about risk and opportunity in business.

Entrepreneurs and Executives Series: Angie’s List Co-Founder and CEO Bill Oesterle Discusses Transitioning from Private Company to Public Company

April 22, 2015
Location: Moritz College of Law Room 251

Update, April 22, 2015: Bill Oesterle was unable to present a talk due to a last minute change in his schedule. Professor Dale Oesterle spoke to a group of 40+ students about entrepreneurialism and business decision-making. Students and faculty are invited to a discussion with Bill Oesterle, Co-founder and CEO of Angie’s List, about the company’s transition from […]

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