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Kara Trott Announced as 2024 Hooding Ceremony Speaker

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The Moritz College of Law is honored and excited to announce that Kara Trott will serve as this year’s Hooding Ceremony speaker. She will address the graduating class on Monday, May 6 in Mershon Auditorium.

Trott is a distinguished alumna of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law whose drive and dedication to making a meaningful impact in the world is evident in all she does. As Founder and Board Chair of Quantum Health, she created and now helps sustain the innovative healthcare navigation and care coordination company. Trott has been recognized with numerous awards over the course of her career, but she finds a greater sense of accomplishment in making a difference in people’s lives.

“The best success is knowing that millions of people are having a much better experience in healthcare,” said Trott.

Trott began her professional career in market research soon after she completed her undergraduate degree with a double major in politics & government, and philosophy at Ohio Wesleyan University. She enjoyed the work, in part, because of her abilities to ask hard questions and look at solutions from different perspectives. After a few years in her role, Trott knew she needed to decide whether she was going to commit to that career path or pursue a law degree – something she had considered since she was as young as 12.

“I met with the admissions person at Ohio State Law just to find out more,” Trott remembers. “She told me that Justice Antonin Scalia, who had recently been appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, was scheduled to judge the 1L Moot Court Competition that next year. It was a really exciting opportunity, and I knew I was interested.”

Trott applied and was accepted to Ohio State Law. She did, in fact, get to argue in front of Justice Scalia when she made it to the finals of the 1L Moot Court Competition. Although her team didn’t end up winning, Trott considers it one of her most impactful experiences as a student.

The impact of the professors Trott met during her time at the law school was profound. She worked closely with Professor Larry Herman through the moot court program and learned about the ins and outs of business law from Professor Morgan Shipman. Both helped her navigate her law school journey and learn important lessons.

“One of the things I learned is that you don't compete against other people,” Trott shared. “You compete against your best, and your best will take you wherever it takes you.”

Although she now uses it in a nontraditional way, Trott is grateful for her legal education. The skills and knowledge she developed have stayed with her even to today.

“What you learn in law school is how to look at things from all different angles and how to make your best case for whatever side you're on,” she said. “You have that ability to see all sides and think through the weaknesses and the strengths of your position. It's no different than when you're out selling a product or building a company.”

Trott reminds the young legal professionals she mentors that their first jobs are all about finding what they like and don’t like. As long as they’re learning, she says, they are on the right track.

“I would certainly say students need to view it as a journey, and it's a long game - not a short game,” she said. “Use every step as a chance to discover more about you and what your gifts native genius are. Figure out how to how to be able to work in an environment where you can learn more about yourself, apply your knowledge, and share your native genius. With a law degree, you're never stuck - you're always going to have value.”

Trott looks forward to sharing more insights with the Class of 2024.

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Editor Emma Kapp

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