Greif Fellowship in Juvenile Human Trafficking

The Greif Fellowship in Juvenile Human Trafficking at the Moritz College of Law is devoted to providing legal representation and advice to child victims of human sex and labor trafficking in Ohio.

The state has the unfortunate distinction of being a leader in the number of victims affected by this lucrative, black-market business. According to the Ohio Attorney General, 13 years old is the most common age in Ohio for youth to become victims of child sex trafficking.  Nationally, over 100,000 children are thought to be involved in the sex trade.  Many of these youth are homeless and have dropped out of school – increasing their susceptibility to those who would do them harm.

Juvenile victims can face serious legal issues once they become involved with a trafficker, ranging from the equivalent of adult criminal charges to running afoul of child protective services for placing their own children in risky situations and environments.

Established in 2013 with grant funding from the Greif Packaging Charitable Trust, the one-year fellowship provides valuable experience early in an Ohio State law graduate’s career.

Under the supervision of Kimberly Jordan, Director of the Justice for Children Project, the Fellow provides quality representation in a full range of criminal and civil legal matters affecting juvenile human trafficking victims, carrying a caseload of up to 50 youth clients at a time.  The fellow will assist clients in obtaining protection orders from the court to ensure victims’ safety from their traffickers, helping undocumented victims adjust their immigration status, and keeping families together in cases where victims have children.

Need help?

Individuals or organizations interested in referring potential clients should call (614) 292-3326. If you think someone is a victim of human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888.