Rogers Prize in Dispute Resolution (2Ls and 3Ls)

The Program on Alternative Dispute Resolution is now accepting applications for the annual Rogers Prize ADR Writing Competition.  The Rogers Prize was created in 1999 by an anonymous donor in honor of Dispute Resolution Professor Nancy H. Rogers.  Each year, the award recognizes two students who, in the judgment of a committee of faculty members who teach dispute resolution, wrote research papers on a dispute resolution topic that, in the donor’s language, “reflect the analytical rigor and intellectual breadth associated with highly-regarded scholarly contributions.”

Student papers written for any course in the law school during Spring and Fall Semesters 2018 are eligible.  Faculty may also nominate papers for this competition.  If you are interested in submitting your paper for the competition, please send it via e-mail to Prof. Froehlich ( by Thursday March 7, 2019.  Please send two copies of your paper—one which includes a cover page with the title of your paper and your name and one which includes a cover page that only includes the title of your paper (and omits your name).  Rogers Prize winners will be announced in April.  First Prize receives $350; Second Prize receives $150.