Moritz Basketball League!

The Moritz basketball league will begin after break. The deadline to sign up for the league is January 9, 2019, so start recruiting/signing free agents/making blockbuster trades. Word on the street is that the former league MVP developed a hitch in his shot and can barely hit the rim. As a result, the league championship is up for grabs with no favorites this year.

The rules will be the same as last year, each team must have at least 5 players. The rules require at least 1 male and 1 female team member on the court at all times. As was the case last year, a fee will be required to join the league. The exact fee amount is not certain yet. Teams will be playing at the Dodge Community Center for all games including playoffs. The league will start on either January 14 or January 28 and the championship will be on April 1. Games will be played on Monday nights each week.

UPDATE (1/9/2019)

Please have one person from your team email Ben Hachten ( or Brad Hemmer ( the team name, names of each player, email of each player, and a phone number for the team captain.