Enjoying Your Winter Break

Are you looking for ideas on how to spend time during your winter break? Probably not. But just in case you’re interested in some suggestions, consider the following.

  1. Rest. Some people rest by sleeping. Others will go to the movies or binge watch some television. Some spend time with family. Perhaps you prefer hiking or watching sports. Whatever works for you, do it.
  2. If you haven’t spent time putting together cover letters, resumes, or other application materials for next summer, spend some time working on those projects.
  3. If you have access to any attorneys in your family or circle of friends, try to meet with them over the break to discuss your law school experience, to hear their stories of practice, and to network.
  4. Rest some more.
  5. Catch up with loved ones who may not have heard from you in a while. It is important to maintain your network of contacts that existed before you were a law student. If applicable, thank them for any support they have shown you during this semester.
  6. If you are really ambitious, consider visiting a court near your hometown (or elsewhere) on January 2, 3 or 4. This could be a great way to see how the things you’ve learned play out in practice. (This may be especially useful for 1Ls.)

I am proud of your efforts, diligence, toughness, persistence, and dedication. Enjoy any down time that is coming to you. You’ve earned it.