Faculty Blogs

Berman-TeachingDouglas A. Berman: Sentencing Law and Policy; Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform

It’s considered a must-read for journalists, attorneys, scholars, and judges alike. Professor Douglas A. Berman’s Sentencing Law and Policy blog has garnered more than 7 million page views and has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court. Berman is the national authority on sentencing law and interpretation across the nation. Berman describes his work as the sole creator of the blog as a form of “scholarship in action.”

Berman also created the innovative Marijuana Law, Policy, & Reform blog, which chronicles all of the latest details in marijuana reform nationwide.

Sarah-Cole-TeachingSarah Rudolph Cole: Indisputably

The ADR Prof Blog, Indisputably, intends to provide useful, timely, and insightful commentary about developments in the field of alternative dispute resolution. Professor Sarah Rudolph Cole is one of the editors of this blog, which features comments on the individual dispute resolution processes, latest law review articles and relevant books, interesting empirical research, as well as the various ways ADR is used every day in this country and around the world.


Ruth Colker

Professor Ruth Colker is one of the leading scholars in the country in the areas of constitutional law and disability discrimination. She discusses these topics and cases of interest currently on her website.


Election Law @ Moritz

This nonpartisan research, education, and outreach program conducted by faculty and staff of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law is a nationally recognized center of election law expertise. Formed in 2004, EL@M is a resource for lawyers, academics and educators, journalists, policymakers and other civic leaders, election administrators and citizens interested in election law issues. The program offers a rich commentary section here.

Ned-FoleyEdward B. Foley: Free & Fair

Professor Edward B. Foley, one of the nation’s pre-eminent experts on election law, writes on all aspects of election law. His primary areas of expertise include campaign finance, especially regarding the role of 527 organizations and provisional voting. Free & Fair is a collection of Foley’s writings that he has penned for Election Law @ Moritz.


Paul Rose: The State Capitalist

Professor Paul Rose covers legal issues surrounding sovereign wealth funds, public pension funds, and state-owned enterprises in his blog, The State Capitalist.


Peter M. Shane: The Huffington Post & Shane Reactions

Professor Peter M. Shane contributes regularly to The Huffington Post, offering witty and sophisticated insights on constitutional law, separation of powers, and more. On Shane Reactions, he discusses “mostly (a) the presidency and (b) democracy and communication.”

Simmons TeachingRic Simmons: Search and Seizure

Professor Ric Simmons has co-authored a textbook on Criminal Procedure and has written numerous articles on the Fourth Amendment. His blog, Search and Seizure, explores the scope and limits of the Fourth Amendment in the modern world, particularly as it applies to new technologies