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Board Fellows and Congressional Conversations

Two programs with which the PLL collaborates is the Moritz’ Board Fellows and Congressional Conversations.  The Board Fellows Program, sponsored by Career Services, matches Moritz students with non-profit boards to familiarize them with the workings of nonprofit boards, and inspire them to serve on boards throughout their careers.   Because attorneys are frequently called upon to serve as members of boards of directors, either in the roles of attorneys or as part of a commitment to the community or both, this program helps students develop the leadership skills to succeed in these roles. The program also helps organizations develop young talent for the future while benefitting from the contributions they can make to boards as current students. Congressional Conversations, an initiative that brings prominent federal legislators to the university on a regular basis, is a joint endeavor of the Moritz College of Law, the Glenn College of Public Affairs, and The Ohio State University Government Affairs, with the support of the Program on Law and Leadership. Discussion focuses not on the day’s partisan talking points, but rather on improving the legislative process and American governance, public policy, and public service.  Students have an opportunity to engage with and learn from legislative leaders. The program is held once in the fall and once in the spring semester.