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Lawrence Lecture on Dispute Resolution

James K. L. Lawrence (’65) is a retired partner with Frost Brown Todd in Cincinnati. Following graduation from law school, he worked as an attorney at the National Labor Relations Board. He left the Board to join his firm and, for more than 30 years, practiced labor-relations and employment law. He is a skilled advocate in arbitration and an astute negotiator in collective bargaining and settlement discussions.

He has pursued vigorously the sustained study of dispute resolution materials at programs throughout the country, including the Program on Negotiation at Harvard, and has blended that study and practice into teaching courses in negotiation and mediation at Moritz and at the University of Cincinnati Law School. He has given generously of his time, talent, guidance and resources to Moritz and our Program on Dispute Resolution over the years, so it is perfectly fitting that this expanded educational enterprise with Negotiation at its core be conducted in his name.

Join us for the 2021 Lawrence Lecture on Dispute Resolution with Professor Alexandra Carter, the Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Mediation Clinic at Columbia Law School.


Monday, September 13

12:10 p.m.

Saxbe Auditorium and Zoom


About the 2021 Lecture

Negotiation is not a zero-sum game. It’s an essential skill for your career that can also improve your closest relationships and your everyday life, but often people shy away from it, feeling defeated before they’ve even started. We’ve been taught incorrectly that the loudest and most assertive voice prevails in any negotiation, or otherwise both sides compromise, ending up with less. Instead, Carter shows that you get far more value by asking the right questions of the person you’re negotiating with than you do from arguing with them. She offers a simple yet powerful ten-question framework for successful negotiation where both sides emerge victoriously. Carter’s proven method extends far beyond one “yes” or handshake and instead creates value that lasts a lifetime. Through her talk, Ask for More, you will learn the tools to bring clarity and perspective to any important discussion, no matter the topic.


Alexandra Carter

Alexandra Carter is a Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Mediation Clinic at Columbia Law School, where she has spent over a decade helping thousands of people improve their negotiation skills. She is a world-renowned negotiation trainer for the United Nations, where she has taught dozens of negotiation workshops to hundreds of diplomats from more than eighty nations. Carter graduated with honors from Georgetown University, was a Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan, and received her law degree from Columbia Law School. In 2019, Carter was awarded Columbia University’s highest teaching honor. She lives in Maplewood, New Jersey, with her husband and daughter.


  • 2019: “Forget the Shark and be a Dolphin: Advancing client rights and interests with collaborative negotiating tools,” Lainey Feingold, advocate for disability rights.

    2018: “Negotiator Styles and the Six Stages of the Negotiation Process,” Charles Craver, Freda H. Alverson Professor of Law, George Washington University Law.

    2017: “Mediation on the Beat: Bringing Conflict Resolution Skills to Police Departments,” Brad Heckman, Chief Executive Officer of New York Peace Institute.

    2016: “Principles in Practice: Finding your Effective Negotiation Style,” Marya Cody Kolman, Director of Mediation Services for the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Division of Domestic Relations and Juvenile Branch.

    2015: “Takes of a Master Negotiator: The Challenges of Moving Theory into Practice,” Roy J. Lewicki, Irving Abramowitz Memorial Professor Emeritus, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

    2014: “Peacemaking in America,” Grande Lum, Director, United States Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service (CRS).

    2013: “Learning and Understanding Negotiation Ethics,” Art Hinshaw, Director, Lodestar Dispute Resolution Program, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University.

    2012: “Unconventional Responses to Unique Catastrophes: Tailoring the Law to Meet the Challenges,” Kenneth R. Feinberg, former Special Master of the United States government’s September 11th Victim Compensation Fund and former Special Master for TARP Executive Compensation.

    2012: “The Secret Talks that Led to the Fall of Apartheid,” Michael Young, Apartheid Negotiator.

    2011: Julie Vannatta, Senior Associate Athletics Director–Legal and Senior Assistant General Counsel for Athletics at The Ohio State University.

    2010: “Collaborative Practice and Deep Resolution of Client Conflicts,” Paulene Tesler, Tesler, Sandmann & Fishman.

    2009: Steven Fehr, primary outside counsel to the Major League Baseball Players Association.

    2008: Arnold Zack, Senior Research Associate at Harvard Law School.

    2007: Michael Weiner, General Counsel to the Major League Baseball Players Association.

    2006: David Gurwin, Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney.

    2005: Paige Olson, VP Legal Affairs at Walt Disney Company.

    2004: Ken Hickey, former White House Counsel