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Dispute Resolution Scholarship Highlights

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Sarah R. Cole, Nancy H. Rogers, Mediation: Law, Policy & Practice (2020-21 Supplement, with Craig McEwen, James Coben, and Peter Thompson). 
Nancy H. Rogers and Sarah R. Cole, Dispute Resolution:  Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration. and Other Processes (7th ed. 2020 and Teacher’s Manual with Stephen Goldberg & Frank Sander).  
Sarah R. Cole, Discussions in Dispute Resolution (2020, with Art Hinshaw and Andrea Schneider) (includes Comments authored by Amy Cohen, Sarah Cole, 
Ellen Deason, and Josh Stulberg) 
Joseph B. Stulberg, The Middle Voice (3d ed. 2020, with Lela Love) 

Ellen E. Deason, Mediators as Witnesses, in Mediator’s Ethics: A Practitioner’s Guide (O. Shapira, ed., forthcoming 2021) 


Daniel Chee King Chow, A New and Controversial Approach to Dispute Resolution Under the U.S.-China Trade Agreement of 2020, Harv. Negot. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2020) 

Sarah R. Cole, Arbitrator Diversity: Can It Be Achieved?, 98 Wash U. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2021) 

William Froehlich, Nancy H. Rogers, and Joseph B. Stulberg, Sharing Dispute Resolution Practices with Leaders of a Divided Community or Campus: Strategies for Two Crucial Conversations, Ohio St. J. on Disp. Resol. (forthcoming 2020) 

Joseph B. Stulberg, Mediating Disputes That Divide Communities: What Constitutes ‘Success’?  41 J. Pub Pol’y & Prac. (May, 2020)