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End Notes

[1] Ken Haddad, “Here is which Michigan communities are opted out of adult-use marijuana sales”, December 12, 2023. Click on Detroit.

[2] Marijuana Opt-Out Tracker, Rockefeller Institute of Government, SUNY.

[3] The wording in the statute is as follows: “Thirty-six per cent to the host community cannabis fund for the benefit of municipal corporations or townships that have adult use dispensaries, and the municipal corporations or townships may use such funds for any approved purpose.” It is not clear what “approved purpose” means and which department, if any, is tasked with defining “approved purposes”.

[4] Avon Lake has enacted both a public consumption and adult use retail moratorium ordinances. Our center has collected language for both ordinances but does not include the public consumption ordinance in our count.

[5] Jana Hrdinova and Dexter Ridgway, “What Tax Revenues Should Ohioans Expect If Ohio Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis?”, August 2023. Drug Enforcement and Policy Center.

[6] Angela Mulka, “Michigan's cannabis industry employs more than 46,000 workers”, April 26, 2024. Pioneer.