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CT-2: The Gap Narrows ... Then Expands Again

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November 13, 2006

If Connecticut’s 2nd District Congressional race was razor-thin before, today it became paper-thin for a few hours ... and then went back to razor-thin

Officials in the town of Lebanon today uncovered a math error, the correction of which lowered Democratic candidate Joe Courtney’s vote total by 100 votes. Courtney’s opponent, Rob Simmons (R), also picked up five votes on Friday and gained another three in recounts today. That left the unofficial vote difference hovering around 63 votes. Late in the day, however, another error was discovered in Lyme which had wrongly credited Simmons with 40 votes. Other smaller changes were made elsewhere, resulting in a 109 vote lead for Courtney at the end of the day Monday.

Recounts are still being conducted in the district's 65 towns. According to the AP, the deadline for their completion is Wednesday midnight.

This article was contributed by Sarah Cherry, Class of 2007, Moritz College of Law, and edited by Prof. Tokaji.