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Ohio Democratic Party v. Blackwell

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Case Information

All Courts: Franklin County Court of Common Pleas (Case 06-CV-011609)
Topic(s): Improper Election Administration
State: Ohio
Date Filed: September 6, 2006
Date Ended: November 1, 2006

Issue: Plaintiffs seek a writ of mandamus requiring that Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell issue Directives to the County Boards of Election as to how to: (1) Alleviate congestion at polling places, including the use of back-up paper ballots for electronic voting machines; (2) Manage malfunctioning voting machines to ensure that votes already cast are not lost; (3) Assure the security of voting machines and related equipment so as to avoid adverse impacts on the voting process.

Status: Case dismissed 11/1/06.

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