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Huerena v. Reagan

Case Information

Date Filed: June 2, 2016
State: Arizona
Issue: Improper Election Administration
Courts that Heard this Case: Maricopa County Superior Court (Case CV2016-007890)


Whether a reduction in polling places violated the Arizona Constitution and statutory law during the primary election in Maricopa County


Complaint filed 6/2/16. Answer filed 7/6/16. Motion to Dismiss filed 7/6/16. Memorandum opposing motion to dismiss filed 7/20/16. Order Dismissing All Claims with Prejudice 11/3/16.


District Court Documents

  • Complaint pdf file (filed 6/2/16)
  • Answer (filed 7/6/16)
  • Motion to Dismiss (filed 7/6/16)
  • Memorandum in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss (filed 7/20/16)
  • Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss (filed 7/25/16)
  • Order Dismissing All Claims with Prejudice (filed 11/3/16)


Edward B. Foley

A Special Master for the Cohen Case?

Edward B. Foley

There should be a strong presumption against special treatment just because the president is involved. 

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In the News

Edward B. Foley

Yes, American democracy is in peril — but don’t blame the bots

A post written by Prof. Edward Foley for SCOTUSblog about Justice Anthony Kennedy’s jurisprudence on voting rights was quoted in Salon.


“For Kennedy, freedom comes first and democracy second, and … the purpose of democracy is to preserve and promote personal liberty,” Foley writes. 

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Info & Analysis

Supreme Court Upholds Most Texas Districts in Racial Gerrymandering Case

In a 5-4 decision that reversed the ruling of the District Court, the U.S. Supreme Court determined that the drawing of most of the disputed Texas districts did not violate the Constitution or the Voting Rights Act. The case is Abbott v. Perez.

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