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Lucas County Democratic Party et al v. Blackwell

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Case Information

All Courts: U.S. District Court Northern District of Ohio (Case 3:04-cv-07646-DAK)
Topic(s): Voter Registration
State: Ohio
Date Filed: October 15, 2004
Date Ended: December 30, 2004

Analysis: Detailed Analysis of Case (October 20, 2004)

Ohio Secretary of State Wins on Registration Requirement

10/22/04 - Federal judge James Carr of Toledo refused to order Secretary of State Blackwell to process registration forms that failed to include a driver's license or social security number. The case, brought by local Democrats, concerned voter registration cards that had been submitted in person (including by groups collecting such cards), rather than ones mailed in by individuals. Judge Carr ruled that the Democrats had waited too long in seeking judicial relief, when Blackwell had announced his policy on this issue in December 2003. All documents for the case are below.

Court Documents