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Georgia Muslim Voter Project v. Secretary of State of Georgia

Case Information

Date Filed: October 16, 2018
State: Georgia
Issue: Absentee Ballots
Current Court: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia (Case 1:18-cv-04789)


Whether Georgia's procedure for determining whether absentee ballots are valid violates the Due Process or Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment


Complaint filed 10/16/18. Motion for TRO filed 10/17/18. Order Granting TRO filed 10/24/18. Defendant's emergency motion to stay pending appeal filed 10/25/18. District Court order denying motion to stay filed 10/30/18. Eleventh Circuit order denying motion for stay filed 11/2/18. Name changed to Georgia Muslim Voter Project v. Secretary of State of Georgia filed 12/10/18. Entry of Dismissal of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit Court filed 12/11/18. Appeals case closed 1/4/19.

District Court Documents

11th Circuit Court of Appeals Documents



Steven F. Huefner

The Perils of Voting by Mail

Steven F. Huefner

Anecdotal evidence of fraudulent absentee ballot harvesting in North Carolina in last month's midterm election already demonstrates the need for greater vigilance in how states conduct voting by mail, whether or not North Carolina ultimately must rerun the election for its 9th Congressional District.

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In the News

Daniel P. Tokaji

This is why US election ballots routinely go missing

Professor Dan Tokaji was quoted in USA Today about the prevalence of missing election ballots.


"Most of the time, it just goes unreported because it doesn't affect the result," Tokaji said. 

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Info & Analysis

U.S. District Judge Orders that Individuals Flagged by Georgia Database Can Vote in Midterms

Ruling on the plaintiffs\' emergency motion, a U.S. District Judge ordered that individuals flagged for potential citizenship issues by a Georgia database can still vote in the midterms. The judge\'s order set forth specific ways these indivduals can vote. The case is Georgia Coalition for the People\'s Agenda v. Kemp.

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