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Fair Fight Action v. Crittenden

Case Information

Date Filed: November 27, 2018
State: Georgia
Issue: Voter Supression
Current Court: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia (Case 1:18-cv-05391)


Whether the Secretary of State's office and the state election board systematically blocked minority voters from the polls in the Nov. 6th election. 


Complaint filed 11/27/18. Motion to Dismiss filed 1/28/19. Submission of Motiont to Dismiss District Judge Steve c. Jones filed 2/26/2019. The Court will hold a hearing on Defendants' Renewed Motion to Dismiss Plaintiffs' Amended Complaint on April 29, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. Motion to DIsmiss is Deemed Moot 4/8/19.  Renewed Motion to Dismiss Amended Complaint is Granted 5/30/19. Answer to Amended Comlaint 6/13/19. Motion to Open Discovery 6/13/19. Order Granting in part and Denying in part Motion to Open Discovery 6/28/19. Amended Scheduling Order: Close of Fact Discovery 11/15/19; Close of Expert Discovery 12/16/19, 7/11/19. Stipulated Protective Order 7/15/19. 


District Court Documents

  • Complaint pdf file (11/27/18)
  • Motion to Dismiss pdf file (1/28/19)
  • Response to Motion to Dismiss pdf file (2/11/19)
  • Supplemental Certificate of Interested Persons pdf file (2/19/19)
  • Amended Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief pdf file (2/19/19)
  • Joint Preliminary Report and Discovery Plan pdf file (2/27/19)
  • Plaintiffs' Initial Disclosures pdf file (2/27/19)
  • State Defendants' Renewed Motion to Dismiss pdf file (3/5/19)
  • Response to Defendants' Renewed Motion to Dismiss pdf file (3/19/19)
  • Defendants' Reply in Support of Renewed Motion to Dissmiss pdf file (4/2/19)
  • Order: Motion to Dismiss is Deemed Moot pdf file (4/8/19)
  • Defendants' Motion to Postpone and Order Briefing pdf file (4/19/19)
  • Supplement to Defendants' Motion to Postpone pdf file (4/22/19)
  • Response in Support of Motion to Dismiss Renewed Motion to Dismiss pdf file (5/6/19)
  • Response in Opposition of Motion to Dismiss pdf file (5/6/19)
  • Order: Renewed Motion to Dimiss Amended Complaint is Granted pdf file (5/30/19)
  • Answer to Amended Complaint pdf file (6/13/19)
  • Motion to Open Discovery pdf file (6/13/19)
  • Response in Opposition to Motion to Open Discovery pdf file (6/25/19)
  • Plaintiffs' Reply in Support of Motion pdf file (6/28/19)
  • Order pdf file (6/28/19)
  • Amended Scheduling Order pdf file (7/11/19)
  • Discovery Order pdf file (10/9/19)
  • Expert Report of Brown-Dean pdf file (11/18/19)
  • Order For Defendants to Produce Kansas Cross Checklist pdf file (11/21/19)
  • Order Finding Executive Call Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege pdf file (12/4/19)
  • Order Finding Governor Kemp To Be Subject To Deposition pdf file (12/5/19)


    Edward B. Foley

    Gerrymandering as Viewpoint Discrimination: A "Functional Equivalence" Test

    Edward B. Foley

    A First Amendment test for identifying when a map is functionally equivalent to a facially discriminatory statute.

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    In the News

    Daniel P. Tokaji

    This is why US election ballots routinely go missing

    Professor Dan Tokaji was quoted in USA Today about the prevalence of missing election ballots.


    "Most of the time, it just goes unreported because it doesn't affect the result," Tokaji said. 

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    Info & Analysis

    Supreme Court Finds Partisan Gerrymandering Claims to be Non-Justiciable Political Questions

    In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court issued an opinion on Thursday determining that claims of partisan gerrymandering are political questions beyond the reach of the federal courts. The opinion resolved disputes originating in North Carolina and Maryland, in the cases of Rucho v. Common Cause and Lamone v. Benisek.

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