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Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee v. Detzner II

Case Information

Date Filed: November 13, 2018
State: Florida
Issues: Improper Election Administration, Voting Technology
Courts that Heard this Case: United States District Court for The Northern District of Florida (Case 4:18-cv-00528)


Whether First and Fourteenth Amendments require tolling of Florida recount and certification deadlines


Complaint filed 11/13/18. Emergency motion for Injunctive Relief filed 11/14/18. Motion for TRO filed 11/13/18. Order Denying Preliminary Injunction filed 11/15/18. Voluntary Dismissal filed 12/14/18. Judgement filed 12/17/18. Case closed. 

District Court Documents

  • Complaint pdf file (11/13/18)
  • Emergency Motion for Temporary Restraining Order pdf file (11/13/18)
  • NRSC Emergency Motion to Intervene pdf file (11/14/18)
  • Intervenor's Response in Opposition to Emergency Motion for Injunctive Relief pdf file (11/14/18)
  • Resposnse to Plaintiffs' Emergency Motion pdf file (11/14/18)
  • pdf file (11/14/18)
  • Order Denying Motion for Preliminary Injunction pdf file (11/15/18)
  • Emergency Motion to Intervene pdf file (11/15/18)
  • Memorandum of Law pdf file (11/15/18)
  • Order Granting Motion to Intervene pdf file (11/15/18)
  • Supplement to Order Denying Preliminary Injunction pdf file (11/15/18)
  • Second Supplement Order Denying Motion for Preliminary Injunction pdf file (11/15/18)
  • Notice of Voluntary Dismissal pdf file (12/14/18)
  • Order Closing File pdf file (12/17/18)
  • Judgement pdf file (12/17/18)
  • Commentary

    Edward B. Foley

    Gerrymandering as Viewpoint Discrimination: A "Functional Equivalence" Test

    Edward B. Foley

    A First Amendment test for identifying when a map is functionally equivalent to a facially discriminatory statute.

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    In the News

    Daniel P. Tokaji

    This is why US election ballots routinely go missing

    Professor Dan Tokaji was quoted in USA Today about the prevalence of missing election ballots.


    "Most of the time, it just goes unreported because it doesn't affect the result," Tokaji said. 

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    Info & Analysis

    U.S. District Judge Orders that Individuals Flagged by Georgia Database Can Vote in Midterms

    Ruling on the plaintiffs\' emergency motion, a U.S. District Judge ordered that individuals flagged for potential citizenship issues by a Georgia database can still vote in the midterms. The judge\'s order set forth specific ways these indivduals can vote. The case is Georgia Coalition for the People\'s Agenda v. Kemp.

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