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Virginia House of Delegates v. Bethune-Hill

Case Information

Date Filed: December 22, 2014
State: Virginia
Issue: Redistricting
Current Court: U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (Case 3:14-cv-00852)


Whether Virginia's 2012 congressional redistricting plan constitutes unconstitutional racial gerrymandering


District Court Opinion issued 10/22/15. Appellants' brief filed 9/7/16. Appellees' brief filed 10/17/16. Appellants' Reply filed 11/16/16. Supreme Court opinion issued 3/1/17. Motion for Attorney Fees filed 7/10/18. Because the Supreme Court has shown an interest in clarifying the test and because this Court’s determinations cut against the Supreme Court’s concern that an analysis be “holistic,” id. at 799, there is a likelihood that Intervenors’ appeal will be heard on the merits and will succeed; Motion to Stay filed 7/25/18. Order and Proceed with Remedial Phases Granted filed 9/14/18. Redistricting plans put forward filed 11/2/18. Report of Special Master filed 12/7/18. Supreme Court appendix filed 12/28/18. Addendum to Special Report filed 12/28/18 and 1/8/19. Motion to Amend Report is denied filed 1/8/19. The special master and the plaintiffs have advised the Court that the Second Report of the Special Master contains errors regarding the compactness scores of certain districts in Peninsula Module 2. Accordingly, the special master is hereby ORDERED to submit a corrected final report filed 2/4/19. The plaintiffs' motion for attorneys' fees and expenses is premature given the case in appeal to the Supreme Court and thus the motion is denied 3/26/19. ORDER. Pursuant to the Court's order entered on October 18, 2018], the Commonwealth of Virginia is directed to render payment in the amount of $126,363.71. Filed 4/5/19. SCOTUS opinion dismissing appeal filed 6/17/19. District Court Plaintiffs' Second Motion For Attorneys' Fees 8/2/19. Opposition To Plaintiffs' Second Motion For Attorneys' Fees 8/30/19. Reply in Support of Second Motion For Attorneys' Fees 9/6/19. Defendant-Intervenor Motion to Strike or for Leave to File Responsive Brief 9/6/19. Plaintiffs' Response to Defendant_Intervenors' Motion to Strike or Leave 9/9/19. 


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