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2006 Election Overview

2006 Election Overview


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The dust has largely settled, and over a month after the 2006 Congressional elections the general feeling among elections observers seems to be that we should be grateful no Election Day "meltdowns" occurred. Nevertheless, some serious problems did occur and must be addressed in time for an upcoming Presidential election that may make last month look like a test run. And besides the problems, many improvements came to fruition this election and administrators may want to look for ways to expand upon those successes.

By clicking on the links above, you can find a short summary of news articles reporting the various successes and failures in five states identified by the EL@M team as important from an election administration standpoint. We hope this feature serves as a valuable counterpart to the 50 Questions for 5 Key States project, which outlines the election administration laws of these same five states.

Contributed by Nathan Cemenska, Web Editor.